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Arena Mall Bacau

Arena Mall Bacau
What would it be like if you could go on a holiday whenever you like? Even for a day. Well, now you can. Come to Arena Mall and you are on a holiday! Many stores, leisure places, gaming spots and many other surprises. Take your family and friends and come on a holiday in Arena Mall.  Arena Mall ’s succes is based on a responsible approach towards its clients. This responsibility can be found in all our actions, as the special attention we pay to details important to every client. Arena Mall  understands that only by offering high quality services and implementing an excellent culture, it really contributes to the success of its clients. - 90 stores  - 900 parking spots - restaurants  - children playground  - wellness & fitness area - bowling / casino / billiards  - Multiplex cinema with 8 halls, 4 of which are 3D What are you waiting for? Come and find a real world with real people!
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